When will my order ship?

Orders ship out via USPS First Class Mail the next business day! This is usually a 2-5 day shipping time.

Do you ship internationally?

Not yet! It is something we are working on ;) 

May I include a gift note with my order?

Most definitely! Please include the wording for your note when you check out.

What paper do you print on?

All of our products are printed on either Reich Paper from our hometown of Brooklyn, NY or French Paper Company from Niles, MI. 

Why is how you print these items so important? 

We specialize in old world methods of printing, in which almost every aspect of the process is done by hand. Keeping true to our heritage we also imply a spot color process, meaning solid colors are hand mixed and laid down meticulously one color at a time until the artwork is complete. Each piece you receive from us is a work of art - not digitally printed from a machine but crafted by our own hands.

I like your  (insert print or card here) ! But could you make it in a different size for me?

Thanks so much! Since the hand made / screen printing process requires a large setup, our runs are no less than 50 of any item at a time. Therefore, we don't offer custom sizes or color for singular items. Sorry about that..

Could you make a custom illustration / hand lettered design for me?

We often take commissions, don't hesitate to drop us a line with your idea and time frame. 

Could you turn that custom design for me into a screenprint?

Although we'd love to screen print single items, the cost of the setup for only one print would be so unreasonably high-priced for both you and us, we would feel bad. However there is an awesome website called Inker Linker to help you find the perfect printer for your needs. 

Who does what? 

We design together with either of us taking the lead depending on the project. We have very different, well-defined business roles. Billy resolves products technically, so that they are production-ready, manages the production team and photography. Darcy heads up sales, marketing and general paper pushing. 

What are the benefits of collaborating versus working indpendently? 

Working collaboratively allows us to use our individual strengths to reach our ultimate goal. We are able to support one another and can achieve more together than individually. We share the highs and the lows. Sure there are frustrations, but having a partner in crime far outweighs the odd rough patch we might have to go through.