Hollow Brooklyn is the ambitious creation of two high school sweethearts who built a print studio in a friend’s basement circa 2012. Bound together by good times and a desire to work boss-free, they purchased a tabletop letterpress that they knew nothing about and never looked back. The goods they make are a reflection of their ever-evolving interests and dueling illustrative styles. Committed to not only each other but the planet we all inhabit, papers are always FSC certified, inks are made from soy or water and textiles are organic and sweatshop free. No, what we make is not yet edible but if you find yourself stranded in a remote place a nibble here and there won’t kill you. 

These two are currently putting together a new web experience for you to enjoy. During this in-between time if you'd like to inquire about working with them please use the form on this page.

Live Nowhere. Live Everywhere.